MCSS, Maine's local affiliate of the National Council for the Social Studies, is YOUR statewide professional Social Studies organization. Run entirely by volunteers, we welcome teachers, administrators, librarians, and all those who love Social Studies to help us advocate for and improve the Social Studies in Maine.

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Social studies educators teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy. 

The Maine Council for the Social Studies


 2020 Virtual Conference: “Continuity and Change”

Our Next Webinar is coming up on Thursday March 4 from 7-8pm led by Joe Schmidt, Maine Department of Education Specilaist and NCSS Board Member. Joe will be discussing Courageous Conversations about Contentious Topics in the classroom. If we don't actively engage students in contentious conversations that our society is currently struggling with then what type of citizens are we preparing them to be? If we abdicate our responsibility as educators and school districts, then we cannot be surprised when we have people who struggle to engage with others both online and in person and I think most people agree that our society needs help in being better about that. In this webinar, engage in discussions around contentious topics, look at the what research and leaders in the field say about the importance of having these discussions, and get resources and examples that you can use in your classroom the very next day!

The best news of all… The 2020 Virtual Conference is FREE to current members! Each Webinar will be archived and available to you, as a member, on-demand simply by logging into our website with your membership info and password. So even if you can’t make the Webinar in person, you can view it anytime.

The 2020 Virtual Conference is for members only. You can renew or become a member for the low price of $25 (or $10 for pre-service teachers or educators 55 and older). If your membership is not current (for many folks, membership ran out in July) or you are not a member and would like to become one, go here to join or renew today:

Webinar Registration

Registration each month is necessary to attend each monthly Webinar. So now is the time to register for the Webinar with Joe Schmidt (as long as you are a current MCSS member). Registration for this special event is limited to the first 100 participants to register.

When: Mar 4, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Courageous Conversations with Joe Schmidt

Register in advance for this webinar here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar (only MCSS members will be approved).



About our Presenter:

Joe Schmidt works as the Social Studies Specialist with the Maine Department of Education following nine years as a social studies teacher in rural Wisconsin schools and three years as a K-12 Social Studies Teacher Leader in Madison, Wisconsin.

Joe furthermore serves on the iCivics National Educator Network and recently completed four years on the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board. In working with NCSS, Joe leads by serving as the chairperson of the Government and Public Relations Committee, co-chair of the NCSS Advocacy Taskforce, co-chair of the 2020 NCSS Summer Leadership Institute, and former chair of the select subcommittee for the Social Education Journal. Joe was elected to serve on the NCSS Board in January 2021.

Other distinguished recognition and positions include:

  • Former Vice-President and Business Manager for the Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies
  • Geography Teacher Editorial Board
  • Fellow at the Center for the Study of the American Constitution
  • Teacher Study Abroad Program for the European Union Center for Excellence
  • Maine Commission for Community Service Board
  • ThinkerAnalytix Advisory Board
  • University of Maine/Part-time faculty member - Elementary Social Studies Methods

Joe is a proud member of the Council of State Social Studies Supervisors, the College and University Faculty Assembly, and National Social Studies Supervisors Association. Learn more at


 MCSS Statement on Teaching History and Social Studies (September 25, 2020)

The Maine Council for the Social Studies rejects any effort by the federal government to equate the teaching of the complex American story to “child abuse,” or to dictate a US history curriculum that neglects to analyze our nation’s complicity in oppression. 

We reject any statement that accuses our educators of harming children with knowledge. Teachers are professionals and experts in their fields who care deeply about their students. They are lifelong learners who consistently sharpen their craft, including the incorporation of nuanced historical evidence that reflects the beautiful diversity of our children.

Our shared history in this country was experienced differently, depending on individuals’ race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, place of birth, religion, and many other factors. To ignore or erase the experiences of those not in the seats of power is harmful. Good social studies instruction does not focus solely on a single narrative. Good social studies instruction teaches students to be critical consumers of information, to engage with multiple perspectives, and to ensure that students are empowered to ask questions and analyze evidence to solve problems. Good social studies is the inclusion of a more complete narrative.

The Maine Council for the Social Studies stands behind our educators and will continue to advocate for inclusive social studies, with the understanding that showing love for our country means insisting that we learn from our past and strive to be better.






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Excellence In Teaching Awards

The Glenn Nerbak Award for Excellence in Teaching Social Studies Awards is given annually Maine teachers who exemplify a passion and commitment to social studies and student learning.

Excellence in Teaching Awards